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Lemon Powered Clock

Discover the science behind batteries!

No batteries or power points needed, just a lemon!

How cool is that? This is how:

  • How does it work? Copper plates act like the positive electrodes of a battery because they are plated with a metal which is less reactive than zinc.  When the copper plates and zinc plates are inserted into the lemon, a chemical reaction takes place. Electrons (extremely small particles with negative charge) move from the zinc plates to the copper plates to form a current, thus activating the LCD watch.
  • The lemon juice helps to conduct electricity. You can replace the lemon with a potato, a grapefruit or use soft drinks and see what effect they have.
  • Put some zing in the old tick tock with a lemon powered clock!
  • Suitable for ages 5+
  • An initiative of the Committee for the use of Citrus in Science ;-)


Learning Outcomes

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Science