Beados - Teeneez - 4 Color Pen Starter Pack



Teeneez fun at your fingertips!
The Teeneez Starter Pack has everything you need to start creating the coolest little creations you can think of! Making a Beados™ Teeneez creation is even easier with the Beados™ Teeneez Ezi Pen that comes with the pack! Just load your pen with Teeneez beads, select the color you need and pop it onto your template! Then magically join them with water! 
WOW! – You’ve just made a Teeneez creation!
500 x Beados Teeneez Beads
1 x 4 color pen
1 x pen stand
6 x design templates
1 x blister scoop
1 x jelly bag tag
3 x bag tags
1 x bead tray
1 x water sprayer
1 x bead storage tray
1 x instruction booklet
  • Includes: bead pen, beads, spray bottle, templates, tray
  • Features: multiple configurations, non-toxic
  • Material: plastic
  • Suggested Age: 5 Years and Up
  • Level of Difficulty: beginner
  • Battery: no battery used