Beados Shopkins - Ice Cream Truck Activity Pack




Want the scoop on how to make the sweetest beados shopkins?

Just lift the lid on the Beados Shopkins Ice Cream Truck! Inside you'll find trays full of beados to scoop out so you can create some dreamy ice cream shopkins and friends! The Beados Shopkins Ice Cream Truck is the collest way to store, play and display!


  • 1 x ice cream truck
  • 6 x display stands
  • 12 x ahopkins eyes
  • 12 x eye connectors
  • 1 x bead tray
  • 6 x design templates
  • 1 x water sprayer
  • 1 x scoop tweezer pen
  • 1 x pick-up tray
  • 400 x beados beads
  • Instruction booklet

Ages 4+