Beados - Teeneez - Party Fashion Necklaces



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Now you can make even cuter Beados creations with Beados Teeneez! Teeneez are small so you can create more adorable designs! Create cute party necklaces for you and your Bestie! Make them, share them and wear them and party in style. Beados Teeneez magically join with water! Simply spray and they stay!

500 x Beados Teeneez Beads
6 x Design Templates
3 x Necklaces
3 x Lockets
4 x Creation Plugs
1 x Bead Tray
1 x Water Sprayer
1 x Bead Storage Tray
1 x Instruction Booklet
  • Includes: beads, templates, spray bottle, tray
  • Features: multiple configurations, non-toxic
  • Material: plastic
  • Suggested Age: 5 Years and Up
  • Level of Difficulty: beginner
  • Battery: no battery used