Bruder - 1:16 MACK Granite UPS logistics truck with forklift (02828)


$149.95 $314.95


The mack Granite truck with interchangeable container unit featuring the globally operating shipping service provider ups' branding, is a genuine eye-catcher, not just for truck fans. Thanks to a realistic cab, opening doors, folding rear-view mirrors, plenty of attachments with chrome effect and a folding bonnet it is a functional, all-round talent. the original, the 2828 can also be loaded or unloaded using the swing doors at the rear.

An additional, outstanding option of this vehicle is the interchangeable unit that can be automatically released from the vehicle by pulling it out and extending the outriggers to Jack up the container and enable the truck to move away from the unit.

The truck carries a mobile forklift for flexible loading and unloading, also suitable for confined spaces. The forklift's double hoist mast can be operated with one hand and steering enables manoeuvring in very confined spaces.