Bruder - 1:16 Scania R-Series Cattle transportation truck w/1 cattle (03549)



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New Bruder Scania R-Series Cattle Transportation Toy Truck with Cow # 03549

Brand New, Auth. Dealers,  Warranty

The Scania R-Series is a synonym for cost-efficiency and dynamism. As a cutting-edge livestock transporter it can deal with any transport task in agriculture. For this purpose, the truck is equipped with anything today's livestock transports need to appropriately handle the corresponding species: loading and unloading cattle without injuring animals using a folding, extendible ramp featuring fold-up ramp gates, folding internal divider gates to own up to different species' space requirements, attachable troughs, etc. A scaled cow has also been included in the vehicle. The cab follows Scania's typical, dynamic design. Folding outside mirrors and glazing made of highquality plastic are a given, as are opening doors or the option to install the Light & Sound Module.



  • Folding outside mirrors
  • Windscreen made from transparent and shatter-proof plastic
  • Doors open


  • Container can be disassembled into individual parts
  • Containers can be interchanged and combined
  • Fold-out support legs
  • Folding ramp incl. ramp extension
  • Side folding ramp gates
  • 2 side doors can be opened
  • Fold-down separating gate inside
  • 2 drinking troughs for hooking into the side walls