Brewster's Big Build Adventure Set - Chuggington StackTrack (LC54241)



Based on the Chuggington episode, Ready to Build, this set is packed with big action and tons of play! Chugginner Brewster and Cormac are hard at work building a high speed tunnel. When a bridge suddenly gives away, Brewster must fix the bridge and save the day!

Discover a world of Traintastic adventures with Brewster’s Big Build Adventure Set! This set has plenty of features for young engineers to enjoy.

First, boost the engine to the top on the escalator by turning the crank. After speeding down a steep curve, as the engine rolls over the trick bridge collapses!

Move down the engine to the lower level and use the elevator to bring the engine to the top of the set, which will also lower the hook on the crane.

Use the hook to pull the bridge back into place then send the engine speeding down the curve again! The set can be reconfigured into four different layouts for even more imaginative play.