Cutie Cars - Shopkins S2 W2 (Kissy Cab)




Shopkins Cutie Car Yo Go Cart - Season 2 is a die cast car full of fun

Shopkins Cutie Cars are living life in the fast lane, with their Mini Shopkins at the wheel, cruising the streets of Carville. New favourites are rolling off the Cutie Car production line every day each cuter than the next, pop your mini Shopkins in and go for a drive.

Features :

  • The Shopkins Cutie Car Single Pack includes sweet themed diecast cars.
  • This super sweet Yo Go Cart is shaped like a frozen yogurt van driven by a cute mini Shopkin.
    • Pop your mini Shopkins into their cars and go for a ride through Carville.
    • Cutie Cars are die cast and freewheeling.