Hape - Cogwheel Train

Educational Experience



3+ Years 


Shift into a higher gear of classic train-play fun!
As you push this stunning, uniquely designed train down the track, the golden cogs connected to its wagon spin together around and around, creating a truly dynamic play experience.

Explore how the speed of the train affects the speed of the spinning cogs. Remove one of the cogs to see how one spins the other.

Then, embark on an imaginative play adventure - Pretend you're hauling valuable gears across the country that'll be used for building a great big machine!

Classic train play becomes an exploration adventure with the Cogwheel Train.

Cogwheel Train
  • Magnetic train with cogs that spin as it rolls
  • Encourages fine motor skills, cause-effect learning, exploration, imaginative play
  • Classic train play becomes an inspiring exploration experience
  • Golden cogs connected to train's wagon spin as the train rolls along
  • Cogs can be removed for cargo-loading and unloading imaginative play
  • Train and wagon connect magnetically
  • Compatible with standard magnetic train sets and tracks
  • Cogs can be lifted with magnetic crane featured in the might montain mine set
  • Includes train engine, wagon, 2 golden gears
  • Train tracks not included
  • High quality materials for lasting durability and safety