Imploding Kittens First Exploding Kittens Expansion Card Party Game



Imploding Kittens is the first Expansion of Exploding Kittens, the award-winning card game that made Kickstarter history as the most-backed project, ever. This Expansion deck includes 20 new cards featuring 5 new types of actions AND an "Imploding Kitten" which increases the game from 5 to 6 players. This is not a standalone game - it requires a copy of Exploding Kittens (any version) to play.

1. This is the first expansion pack of Exploding Kittens.
2. Includes 20 new cards illustrated by The Oatmeal.
3. Expands the core deck from 5 to 6 players.
4. 100% compatible with any Exploding Kittens deck.
5. A human sized "Cone of Shame" turn indicator