Micro Speed+ - Pure Silver

Micro Scooters

$239.00 $249.95


The speed+ is a sleek, sophisticated and fast scooter designed for kids who want that extra get up and go or adults who want a comfortable, compact commute. 

The ultra smooth, fast ride is the result of the combination of denser high quality polyurethane wheels and the unique shock absorbing design of the hubs. 

This quality design simply means it glides safely and smoothly - it doesn't ‘trip' on the bumps, absorbing them, creating a smooth and fast ride that can be enjoyed by all. 


• Age Range: 7 - Adult
• Max Load: 100kg
• Weight: 4.2kg
• Wheel Size: 145mm
• Handlebar Height: 63-93cm
• Deck Width: 12cm
• Deck Length: 34.5cm
• Ground Clearance: 3cm