Porter - Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway (BDF98)




Porter is a hard-working engine that helps out at the docks. He has a kind nature and does not let little things bother him. A fast learner, Porter gets his work done without fuss.

Porter is based on a H.K. Porter 0-6-0ST, built in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. These mainly worked in the dockyards on the east coast of the United States.οΎ  The Brookylyn Eastern District Terminal Railroad, which served the dockyards in Brooklyn, New York, owned several examples of Porter's design.

Porter is painted viridian with yellow stripes and lining and a gold nameplate with black lettering. He has a gold star on each side of his lamp.

When Salty was experiencing engine trouble, Sir Topham Hatt brought Porter to Sodor to work at Brendam Docks while he arranged for Salty to be mended at the Sodor Dieselworks. When Porter arrived to help out, Salty was convinced that Porter had been sent to replace him. After some mishaps, Porter managed to stop Salty from having an accident, then using his sandboxes to sand the rails after Salty accidentally spilt oil on them. Later, the Fat Controller told Salty that he was to work with Porter and that he was not going to be replaced.