Schleich - Sea Turtle

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Schleich 14695 Sea Turtle was introduced in 2013. Turtles are not able to pull their large head into the shell. Conservation Status: Endangered (EN) Global Home: Pacific Ocean. Primary Habitat: Sea. Turtles have adapted to life in the water. Their feet have developed the shape of paddles and their bodies are more streamlined than those of tortoises. That is why they are able to move so skilfully through the water. Their movements look like they were flying underwater. Except for the time they lay eggs, turtles spend their entire life in tropical and subtropical waters where they hunt for cephalopods, crabs and jellyfish. Schleich replica hand-painted models feature incredibly detailed and true-to-life designs. Developed with the assistance of parents, teachers and children the Schleich ranges are especially designed for children’s hands. Let your imagination come alive with Schleich. 3 +