The Classic Adventures of Thomas & Friends - Series 11 - Thomas & Friends DVD

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This 26 episode dvd has over 260 minutes of Thomas fun!

Hide and Peep

Thomas sets Sail

Emily's Rubbish

Dream on

Cool truckings

Thoms and the spaceship

Hector the horrid

Thomas and the Storyteller

Skarloey storms through

Thomas and the lighthouse

Sir Handel in charge

Smoke and mirrors

Henry's lucky day

Don't be silly Billy

Toby's triumph

Thomas and the runaway car

Edward and the mail

thoms and the Big bang

Wash behind your buffers

Thomas in trouble

Dirty work

Duncan does it all

Percy and the left Luggage

Ding a link

Thomas and the stinky cheese.

Pal region 4 dvd.

(note: if you have a favourite character, or you want to see what characters are in each episode look up Thomas Wiki )