Thomas & Friends -The Great Discovery

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The Great Discovery is a feature length movie, narrated by Pierce Brosnan. 61 Minsᅠ It is being released 6 November.ᅠ If you want the DVD and nothing else, order now to ensure your copy.

Here is what Hit Entertainment said about it:

Following the enormous success of Calling All Engines, Thomas's forthcoming feature length special sees Thomas puff into new and uncharted territory in his biggest adventure yet. When Thomas discovers a forgotten town high in the mountains, he's placed in charge of restorations in time for Sodor's own annual festival "Sodor Day". This means a lot of work for Thomas and friends, so a new engine comes to the island to help out. Stanley is a tank engine who turns out to be just like Thomas except a bit bigger, a bit stronger and, in Thomas's eyes, a bit more popular! When Thomas feels his position as Sodor's #1 engine is under threat, he decides to play a trick on Stanley to make him look silly.

The plan backfires and soon Thomas finds himself alone on a dramatic, action-packed adventure that takes him far away from the Sodor Day preparations. When he realises that Thomas has disappeared, Sir Topham Hatt orders the biggest search ever on the Island of Sodor.

When Thomas is eventually found by Stanley, the two engines find they make a great team and become firm friends. Thomas meets Indiana Jones in this all action spectacular!

The show has over 50 Thomas characters seen throughout. Not all are talking parts, but great to see many characters in the one show.