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  1. BRIO - Rescue Fire Rescue Set Flat (33815)


      There is a fire and they need your help! Drive immediately to the docking station and fill the fire train with water and gas. The firefighter goes along in his fire truck with sirens and light. Put down the...
  2. BRIO - Rescue Fire Boat (33859)


      There is a fire at sea and they've called for your help. Connect the wagon to your jeep and drive as fast as you can to the shore. Raise the lift and see the boat slide off. Isn't this...
  3. BRIO - Rescue Fire Truck (33811)


    Be a firefighter today! Get in the fire truck that comes with a hose wagon and push the button for sirens and light. Don't forget to put up the warning sign when you are in the scene of accident.
  4. BRIO - Rescue Fire Set Deluxe (33817)


     It's time for some serious firefighting in the mountains. Open the garage door and drive to the scene of accident - with sirens and lights on, of course. Your assistant firefighter follows in the rescue train. No time to wait...
  5. BRIO - Rescue Fire Station (with extra content) (33833)


    At the rescue fire station you have to be prepared for action. When the alarm goes off, slide down the slide to the fire truck which is ready for take-off, with sirens and all. The toughest fireman climbs up to...
  6. BRIO - Rescue Firefighting Train (33844)


    Push the button on the engine and release the wagon for quick emergency help. Drive close to the fire, disconnect the water tank wagon and use the extendable fire hose  
  7. BRIO - Firefighter Helicopter (33797)


      Fly over the city with your fire helicopter and make sure all is well. Open the window door and put in the pilot. The water supply is easy to bring along with help of the magnet.