LEGO has just release the Scooby Doo Mummy Museum Mystery! We were excited to get to play with this set, and who wouldn't be! Scooby Doo is legendary! Like the awesome box it comes in isn't enough.

Brenton (aged 4 and a half) was the lucky builder of this set. He really enjoyed putting this together. The build itself is fairly simple, Brenton didn't have too much trouble putting this one together as this set is based on standard stacking methods. This however doesn't really matter because for it's size, we felt the build was very enjoyable and satisfying. You begin to forget about it's small size when you start building.

There is a fun storyline behind this set, one that goes along with Scooby Doo's 'humorous' theme. Shaggy and Scooby must solve the mystery of the stolen gems! However shaggy and Scooby are hungry (as per usual) and are on the hunt for food! They surprisingly spot a hamburger hanging from the ceiling... to eat the burger or not eat the burger? Turns out they decide to reach for the burger and accidentally open the golden sarcophagus or take off the mummy’s headdress and reveal the mastermind of the stollen gems! This story line is such a classic for Scooby Doo! Somehow a mystery is always solved when food is on Shaggy and Scooby's minds.

This set includes the Mummy Museum stand, 2 minifigures: Shaggy and Mummy/Dr. Najib with an accessory element, plus Scooby-Doo (standing version),an opening golden sarcophagus with brick-built hamburger and chain, secret compartments in the stairs containing 3 gem elements and spotlight-style elements and a secret file tile with mystery clues.

Brenton had such a great time putting this set together! You can watch Brenton's video review of this product here;