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If you have ever driven through Centre Road at Bentleigh East, you have seen our store front of Toot Toot Toys. We are a popular toy shopping destination in Victoria and we offer toys of every brand that you have ever heard of. We offer toys from Lego, Bruder, Schleich and Brio Toys. Our store is fully equipped to handle young children with a child play area. To make your shopping experience even better, we also have a barista made coffee offering. 

Of the many brands that we offer, we want to talk to you about one of our top selling brands, Thomas & Friends. Almost every toy manufacturer offers train sets. It’s almost like an essential toy. There are some brands which focus almost exclusively on making train related toys. Brio Toys is one such toy maker who makes excellent train toys. Then, we have the Thomas & Friends toys. 


The Story

So why is he called "Thomas the Tank Engine"?  A tank engine really has nothing to do with the tanks that are used in war. Actually, a tank engine is a type of train system where the locomotive (the main part of the train that pulls the rest of the coaches) contains the fuel as well as water with it. This is called a tank engine.

Thomas & Friends is a fictional character in ‘The Railway Series’ books by Reverend Wilbert Awdry. The books were very popular and eventually, a television show called “Thomas and Friends” was brought to life. That is when Thomas & Friends character became really popular. In fact, the show started in the year 1984 and continues to have new episodes made even today.

With such a popular Thomas & Friends show, and long running, kids are bound to love these characters. Hence, Thomas & Friends toys came into toy stores all over the world.

Thomas & Friends Toys

The Thomas & Friends toys that are sold featuring Thomas & Friends are found under the brand name “Thomas and Friends”, which is the name of the TV show. Here, we will share with you the most popular category of Thomas & Friends toys and merchandise that are available from our retail store as well as our online store.


If you are looking for something that really gives your children an insight excellent storytelling that has enthralled millions of kids around the world, get Thomas & Friends books today. These book were written with rich detail. They are fictional but they reflect the real world like no other kids books will ever do. We have the entire Thomas & Friends collection at our store and we are sure, the Thomas & Friends books will make for some quality reading time for you and your kids.

The most popular books at our store would be ‘Thomas & Friends My Busy Books’, ‘Thomas & Friends Stuck on Stories’ and ‘Victor the Busy Engine – My Thomas Library’.

Games and Puzzles

Thomas & Friends brand also offers a lot of games and puzzles, along with toys. In this category, you will find Stacking Puzzles, board games, clock games and even building blocks that are similar to what you might find with Lego bricks. There are also kid’s specific card games that can really get those parties going when other kids come over to play.

Our top selling Games and Puzzles from Thomas & Friends are ‘Thomas & Friends Fish Card Game’, ‘Thomas & Friends Snap Card Game’ and ‘Thomas & Friends – I Remember Game’.

Thomas Wooden Railway

This category is where Thomas & Friends toys become really colorful. The entire book series of Thomas & Friends is based on trains and the fictional ‘Island of Sodor’. The island filled with locomotives, cranes, multiple engine types (many of these based on real world train engines) and a huge collection of train tracks.

Each and every one of these characters are available in Thomas & Friends toys form. Many of these characters are also borrowed from the hugely popular television show. If you or your kids read the books or watch the TV show, you really want to play with them. This is your chance to get all those Thomas & Friends characters in your home.

Our bestselling Thomas Wooden Railway toys are ‘Diesel 10 – Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway’, ‘Straight & Curved Expansion Pack – Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway’ and ‘Henry – Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway’.

Thomas Minis

You already like the Thomas & Friends toys. The books, the television show and the whole setup. Imagine if they were smaller? You don’t have to imagine because the company that makes Thomas & Friends toys actually offers ‘minis’. Yes, we have the Thomas & Friends ‘minis’ at our store. Minis are just like their regular sized counterparts but tiny.

The mini collection is sold as waves, and they are supposed to be used together. There are two waves that are currently offered, and ideally you should buy both of them. You can individual mini toys as well, but since they are so small, it’s good to buy them in sets.

Other than the above toys from Thomas & Friends, we also offer other toys from Thomas & Friends such as Take-n-Play, 70th Anniversary Specials, Mega Bloks and Partyware.

Buying From Us

You read about our great collection of Thomas & Friends toys. Other than Thomas & Friends, we also sell toys from other brands. There are two ways you can buy these toys from us. We will be happy have your visit our fully kids ready store in Victoria. If you are unable to visit the store in person, you can place orders for our collection of toys through our online store.

Our Thomas & Friends online store is open round the clock and we are available through email and phone to answer any queries you might have. Whether online or at our store, you will get the best shopping experience. We have excellent shipping facilities to go with our online store. Shop for Thomas & Friends toys today.

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