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Brio is a brand that is most well-known for its Brio set wooden toy trains. They started selling their toys in Europe in the year 1958. Since then, their toys have spread around the world. That includes Australia. Brio toys are most suitable for young children. In order to facilitate easy usage, here are some ways Brio toys are designed to work well with young kids.

  • Non-motorized - A majority of Brio toys contain no motors. For young children, motors in their toys could be dangerous. Brio set remove that danger.
  • Magnets - Most of these toys are trains, and they need to connect with each other. Brio toys come with magnet parts that can be attached and detached with little effort. Ideal for the young hands of kids. They will have no difficulty in manipulating these train parts.
  • High quality wood – Brio uses the best quality wood across toy manufacturers. Quality wood means, long lasting toys that can handle any abuse the kids might pile up on the toys. This does make them slightly expensive than other wooden toy brands but you are getting premium toys that las longer.

There are four types of Brio set that we offer at Toot Toot Toys. These four types of toys are Brio – Sets (Wooden Railway), Brio – Vehicles and Carriages, Brio – Track, Brio – Bridges, Buildings, and Tunnels.

Brio – Sets (Wooden Railway)

Think Brio and immediately, you will be thinking of railway sets. These are the classic toys that Brio has been making since they started selling toys. These toys are suitable for kids as young as a year and half. All of these toys are made of wood, so no plastic there. The range of toys include a huge selection of trains and so many train tracks to go with it. Along with this, we also offer accessories that make your train look better.

The combination of Brio set trains, tracks and accessories will ensure that your kid’s creativity is unleashed in a way it has never been done before. Playing with the train sets is a lot of fun. It is educational as well. Building, and then rebuilding of trains and train tracks will improve their ability to think logically. It also enhances their motor skills for there is a lot of hands on activities with Brio train sets.

The most popular Brio toys at our store are the Brio – Classic Figure 8 set, Brio – Cargo Railway Deluxe and Brio – Deluxe Railway Set.

Brio – Vehicles and Carriages

Brio toys does not only make wooden trains. They also have an impressive collection of Brio set vehicles and also carriages that can be used in conjunction with their train sets. As is the case with the train sets above, these toys are also designed for younger kids. There are two ways you can introduces this category of toys to your kids.

Scenario 1 is when you have already bought Brio – train sets and your kids want something extra to play with. Suppose they are building a railway station and they want vehicles to make the station look cooler. Scenario 2 is when your kids aren’t particularly big fans of train sets but you have a liking for what Brio has to offer. If so, you can give them these vehicular toys to play with.

Our most popular Brio set vehicles and structures are the Brio Mighty Red Action Locomotive, Brio Shinkansen Passenger Train and Brio Railway Old Steam Engine.

Brio Tracks

Brio toys also offers their railway tracks that are sold separately from the train sets. You would be buying these tracks separately if you already have train engines, and you want your kids to building complex, longer train tracks. Brio sells a full range of train tracks that range from straight tracks to mini tracks to ramp tracks.

Our most popular Brio set railway tracks are the Brio – 50 Piece Track Pack, Brio – Mini Straight Tracks and Brio – Expansion Pack for Beginners.

Brio Bridges, Buildings and Tunnels

The last type of Brio toys that are available for the more adventurous kids is Bridges, Buildings and Tunnels. Brio offers tunnels that revolve around the theme of trains but you will also get buildings that have nothing to do with trains. You will be able to buy suspension bridges, adventure tunnels, Farm Silos and even Level Cranes.

Our most popular toys in this category are Brio Viaduct Bridge, Brio Signal Station and Brio Adventure Tunnel.

Shipping Services

When you buy Brio set toys from us, we offer you free pick up from our store at 637 Centre Road, Bentleigh East, Victoria. If you are unable to pick up your toys from our Victoria store, we provide deliveries throughout Australia. Shipping is done through Australia Post. For areas where Australia Post does not deliver we use a courier company that does.

In addition to regular delivery, we also provide express delivery services. Use this option when you want your Brio toys to be delivered at the earliest possible time.

At Toot Toot Toys, we think of ourselves as the best Brio set store you can ever shop. As a way of making your shopping experience better, we have play area at our store so that you can enjoy your shopping while we take care of your kids. Barista made coffee is also available at our store. You will also be able to shop from the convenience of your home through our online store as well.

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