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Huge range of LEGO® to buy online or in-store in Melbourne Australia

LEGO® Toys

In a modern-day society in which we waste entirely too much of our time while inefficiently working to decide on what it is that we want, Toot Toot Toys is focused on making toy shopping simpler and speedier. You can buy LEGO® from us in store or online.

Located at 637 Centre Road, Bentleigh East – directly next to the Tucker Road / Centre Road intersection —Toot Toot Toys offers an exhilarating shopping experience for individuals of all ages. From 10 AM -5 PM Monday-Friday (and 10 AM – 4 PM on Saturdays), allow the LEGO® logo posted at our entrance to draw you in and remind you just how mesmerizing a toy-store field trip can truly be.

Do you remember the first time you stepped into a toy store and were just absolutely overwhelmed by the options and possibilities that you had at your fingertips? Images of stuffed animals, LEGO® online Australia collections, scooters, and even train sets all rushing at you from every corner of the store boggling your mind and impacting your heart rate? Well you can still have that experience at our brick and mortar store (now with a brand-new kids play area and refreshing Barista-backed refreshment counter, as well), but for those shoppers looking to alter their toy-shopping practice just a bit, with Toot Toot Toys’ extensive online selection of sought-after toys and must-have entertainment accessories, you can experience the rush of nostalgia without the accompanying anxiety that some toy stores like to sneak in on their unsuspecting guests.

As a business, we understand that the toy market within Australia is a saturated one, and we must do everything in our power to earn your business—which is precisely why we have dedicated the past calendar year to curating what we consider to be an all-encompassing collection of the most highly-rated and heavily-pursued toys in Australia. Larger-than-life LEGO® Australia sets, Thomas & Friends train sets, complex puzzles, BRIO deluxe construction setups, and plush toys perfect to carry to bed every night where you can dream about even more toy-based possibilities…Toot Toot Toys has brought them all together into one, easy-to-navigate database available for perusing 24 hours a day from the comfort of your own home.

Because we pride ourselves on being an active member of the community, and we subsequently understand the importance of family, Toot Toot Toys has worked diligently to ensure that the navigational aspects of our website site allow children to traverse the domain just as easily as their parental counterparts being tasked with paying for the products they become enamored with. After all, just because these kids might not be able to afford all the toys that their hearts desire does not mean that they should be denied the ability to admire them and perhaps even add them to their online wish list.

Providing quality products is only the first step of the Toot Toot Toys commitment to customer service. Once your order is placed and your transaction is processed through our secure e-commerce portal, your package will be assembled responsibly, with care, and will be prepared to ship at a very reasonable cost (usually ranging from $9.95-12.95 within the Greater Australia area). From there, your purchase entitles you to timely, competent, and sincere customer service delivered from any number of individuals comprising our well-trained and considerate staff. Far too many toy stores are merely concerned with selling you a toy, but we at Toot Toot Toys are trained to provide a one-of-a-kind shopping experience to the customers every day. We specialize in LEGO® and you can buy LEGO® Australia from every state of the country.

Whether you are shopping from your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, beeper, or hi-tech James Bond watch, our online vendor platform has been optimized across devices to provide a uniform, uninterrupted purchasing experience for all customers. We recognize the importance of professional online interactions, and have made it our mission to become an industry-standard in that regard. Our toy themselves may be fun and games, but business is business and we never overlook that aspect.

We have a huge range of LEGO® products to choose from that will satisfy every child’s needs and age. The Lost Temple set is a fantastic piece of fantasy that involves recovering Sword of Fire, there are saw blades, a swinging axe and lava to build. The set is suitable for 4 to 7 year olds.

We all probably have played Angry Birds before and LEGO® have some superb Angry Birds sets for your children and maybe adults too! We have a huge range of Angry Birds sets to buy LEGO® online, such as the King Pig’s Castle with 5 figures and easily collapsible structures.

The LEGO® Drag Racer set is ideal for those children who want to build a “muscle car” and this Drag Racer can even pull wheelies if you buy the Power Functions set. Children aged between 10 to 16 will love this LEGO® Technic set and you can buy LEGO® online with us right now!

The LEGO® Disney Princess – Arendelle Castle celebration is another superb LEGO® set for children aged 6 to 12 years old. From the Disney film Frozen, you can help Elsa and Olaf set up a celebration party and search for presents too.

LEGO® produces a Superheroes range with figures from the Batman movies that include the Gotham City Cycle Chase set and a Captain America Iron Skull Sub with 4 figures to play with.

LEGO® has involved over the years from simple coloured building blocks to this sophisticated toy of today. The LEGO® Architecture Skyline series features world cities such as Berlin, New York and Venice. Your child can build a model of the St. Mark’s Basilica or the Empire State Building or the Brandenburg Gate.

The LEGO® Nexo Knights series is one of the most impressive of the all the LEGO® sets you can buy today. The LEGO® Nexo Knights – The Fortrex is something to behold, the scale of this set is truly impressive. With 7 mini figures, rapid fire shooters, disc shooters, a drawbridge and the Fortrex rolls along with tank tracks. The castle walls open out to reveal the headquarters that feature a round table, kitchen and a prison. The set is suitable for 9 to 14 year olds, Dads are welcome to join in the fun and built it too!

You can play Star Wars with LEGO® too, the LEGO® Star Wars range includes Obi-wan’s Jedi interceptor, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker figures. We have 5 pages of LEGO® Star Wars to keep your child entertained.

Now that our online store is up-and-running, you will never again have to stand outside the locked doors of our physical store looking at your watch, frowning, and waiting for 10 AM the next day for the doors to be re-opened. On the contrary, with our 24-hour LEGO® online store, you can purchase any gift: birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s day, from any location able to support a necessary internet connection.

Not quite sure if the toy that you’ve been eyeing is the correct one though? No worries! Thanks to our commitment towards hiring only the most knowledgeable and customer-service oriented individuals and bringing them into the Toot Toot Toys family, those questions can—and will—be answered in a timely fashion. Do you prefer to call with your question? Go ahead, we will have a friendly and attentive individual on the phone ready to assist you. If you prefer to communicate through e-mail, that is also not a problem; our customer-service experts are just as helpful through that medium as well!

Many years ago, the reality of a toy store was frightening, but you can buy LEGO® online Australia from the comfort of your own home. Overflowing crowds, uneducated salespeople, a lack of parking, and even a lack of good toys! Luckily for society, things have changed. Whether it is in-store or through our online portal, we are eager to re-introduce you to the state of the modern-day toy store—because it is an industry we believe in wholeheartedly. The toys themselves might undergo variations over the years, but the feelings that the toys invoke remains the same. The number of LEGO® in the package might change from release to release, but the number of smiles that they’ll provide remains innumerable. This consistency in positive emotions has existed as the driving motivation behind our company, and will continue to do so as we move forward together.

The business world is very rarely fun and games—even when toys are involved. Your hard-earned money is no laughing matter, and we as a company understand that and respect your right to spend your money as you see fit. Even though we are a toy store, we don’t play when it comes to our customers—unless of course you’re asking for a demonstration on a product…then we would be happy to. So, whether it is a jumbo LEGO® boxed collection, a bouncy ball, or a train set, let Toot Toot Toys get you on track for happiness today. Buy LEGO® toys online and come shop with us!

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