Paying for your Order


All Payment information should be read in conjunction with our Terms & Conditions

Whilst we do have a secure payment system, you can also be comforted by the fact we publish our address and have an actual warehouse. Customers who are wary about shopping online, should be careful when dealing with websites that do not have easily traceability eg. Po boxes only or mobile phone numbers as their only contact. We want all customers who shop online, whatever the item, to shop with reputable websites, and be confident in their security.


Credit Card

Our preferred payment option is to pay with Visa or Mastercard. Unfortunately we currently do not accept American Express due to the high merchant fees.

Credit Card payments can be made via our secure web site.  You can also place a phone order on 1300 TOOT TOOT and pass your details over the phone. Never email your credit card details to anyone. 


Funds Transfer

You can make your payment directly to the Toot Toot Toys bank account. This option is generally available using Internet banking, telephone banking or at your local NAB branch.

Please quote your Customer Reference to enable us to confirm your payment. (Your reference number is 13 digits long, as some banks only accept 8 the last 8 digits are satisfactory - or you can use your Surname.)

Once you have obtained your reference number forward it to us (see contact us) including your order and contact details.

As soon as funds are cleared we will deliver your order (Please note it can take up to 48 hours for your payment to show in our bank account depending on your bank).

Bank details are as follows:

Company Name

Mouse Munch & Me Pty Ltd




083 004

Account Number:

366 336 705

Customers who have a receipt for their transfer eg. internet transfers, can email their receipt to to facilitate faster dispatch of their order.

All our prices are in Australian Dollars and include 10% Goods and Services Tax.

Due to the increase in the number of fraudulent orders using Funds Transfer and Cheque as a payment method, orders will NOT be prepared for shipping awaiting payment UNLESS a valid phone number has been provided and verified. We may call you prior to preparing the order to clarify the order details. Goods will not be allocated to Funds Transfers until that verification has been done, and therefore, our out of stock guarantee no longer applies to Funds Transfer or cheque orders until we have verified them by telephone.


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Why use PayPal?

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